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Protect Our Police PAC Raises $100,000 One Week After Launching


July 15, 2020

Contact: Nick Gerace

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Protect Our Police PAC Raises $100,000 One Week After Launching

PAC founded by retired Philadelphia Police to elect pro-police leaders raises $100k nationwide across thousands of donors with 0 paid marketing

(Philadelphia, PA) — Today, Protect Our Police PAC (POP PAC) announced its initial fundraising haul since launching last Wednesday — more than $100,000 in donationsfrom a network of more than 2,100 pro-police advocates in all 50 states. 

The rush of support came after initial earned media in national outlets covering POP PAC’s unique position as the only organization exclusively committed to electing pro-police leaders to state and local offices including and in particular District Attorney. 

“The level of support we’ve seen nationwide in just one week proves that Americans still want  and need leaders who will back the blue,” said Nick Gerace, Co-Chair of POP PAC. “As crime skyrockets in cities across the country, it’s never been more important for police departments to be fully funded. We intend to elect leaders who will never move to defund the police or side with criminals.”

Bob Walls, Co-Chair of POP PAC added, “Morale at police departments across the country is at an all-time low because officers feel our public officials have turned their backs on them. The only way we will be able to effectively restore confidence and maintain the level of law and order all Americans deserve will be by electing officials who support the thin blue line that acts as a wall between the safety of citizens and anarchy.”

Protect Our Police PAC has already begun an aggressive effort to connect a nationwide network of donors with candidates who will return law & order leadership to state and municipal public offices. The organization’s candidate recruitment portal will launch online soon.

The need for pro-police leaders has never been greater:

  • Shooting incidents and homicides are up by as much as 60% year-to-year in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York City, and Milwaukee [SOURCE
  • Morale among officers has been described down by “tenfold” in major cities, with widespread reports of difficulty retaining officers from retirement and recruiting new officers [SOURCE]
  • In cities like Philadelphia (where Protect Our Police PAC is based), radical politicians like District Attorney Larry Krasner are in the middle of failing experiments with lax law enforcement — leading to mounting body counts and a foreshadowing of what “defund the police” will look like in cities nationwide. [SOURCE]


Protect Our Police PAC is the only organization exclusively committed to electing pro-police political candidates to public office. Founded by retired police officers, Protect Our Police PAC helps elect candidates that won’t turn their backs on our officers and other first responders on the front line. Learn more at

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