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Protect Our Police PAC Raises $750k in 3 Weeks, Launches Candidate Recruitment Program Nationwide

PRESS RELEASE: Protect Our Police PAC Raises $750k in 3 Weeks, Launches Candidate Recruitment Program Nationwide

 Nicholas Gerace | August 03, 2020


August 3, 2020

Contact: Nick Gerace

(267) 571-7114

Protect Our Police PAC Raises $750k in 3 Weeks, Launches Candidate Recruitment Program Nationwide 

PAC founded by retired Philadelphia Police to elect pro-police leaders, matching radical George Soros’ targets

(Philadelphia, PA) — Today, Protect Our Police PAC announced the launch of its candidate recruitment efforts — targeting state and local candidates in states across the country with a special emphasis on prosecutorial elections for offices such as DA and AG. 

For Access to POP PAC’s Candidate Portal, CLICK HERE

Interested candidates must have strong backgrounds, a pro-police campaign platform and viable campaigns. POP PAC is playing to win, and part of our strategy is to target Prosecutor and District Attorney races where the candidates prioritize law and order and prosecute violent criminals to the fullest extent of the law. POP PAC’s candidate recruitment efforts will use both active (via research and outreach) and passive (via ads and earned media) recruitment tactics.

“After launching Protect Our Police PAC and raising more than $750,000 just three weeks after launching, we knew we had to begin finding candidates that our network could get behind,” said Nick Gerace, President of POP PAC. “The support we’ve received from all 50 states has again proven that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want to defund the police. Protect Our Police PAC will be the channel for pro-police advocates nationwide to help reverse the narrative that ‘all cops are bad’ and elect leaders who will stand with law enforcement.”

Already, more than 30 candidates have submitted applications without any advertising or earned media. 

POP PAC will strive to be the first counter-punch to George Soros’ efforts to dismantle our criminal justice system by targeting races and defending incumbents in areas where he and other liberal mega-donors are investing to elect weak local prosecutors.

The need for pro-police leaders has never been greater:

  • Philadelphia — where POP PAC is based — JUST broke a homicide record. [SOURCE]
  • Multiple Philadelphia police vehicles were set on fire overnight in a targeted attack by extremists and 303 vandalized in NYC since May — further demoralizing officers.  [SOURCE] [SOURCE]
  • Cities like Chicago have out of control violent crime — further emphasizing the need for strong pro-police leaders who will support police and not allow for an emboldened criminal class. [SOURCE]

Protect Our Police PAC is the only organization exclusively committed to electing pro-police political candidates to public office. Founded by retired police officers, Protect Our Police PAC helps elect candidates that won’t turn their backs on our officers and other first responders on the front line. Learn more at

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