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Soros-Backed DA Larry Krasner Tries to Fundraise off Protect Our Police PAC

PRESS RELEASE: Soros-Backed DA Larry Krasner Tries to Fundraise off Protect Our Police PAC

Nicholas Gerace | August 19, 2020


August 19,  2020

Contact: Nick Gerace

(267) 571-7114

Soros-Backed DA Larry Krasner Tries to Fundraise off Protect Our Police PAC

PAC founded by retired Philadelphia Police to elect pro-law & order leaders has named Kranser as a top target

(Philadelphia, PA) — Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner shifted his focus yesterday from asking billionaire George Soros for money, instead asking small-dollar donors to donate to his re-election campaign. The subject line of the email reads “The Protect Our Police PAC is Coming for Larry.”

Screenshot of Krasner’s fundraising email send 8-18-2020

The fundraising email comes after a weekend that saw 35 Philadelphians shot, and within 24 hours of 13 shootings on Monday night across the city — including a double and triple shooting.

Krasner’s goal of releasing criminals rather than prosecuting them has had disastrous consequences for the City since he was elected, including rising gun violence and homicide rates, a demoralized police force, and the families of victims of crimes feeling they don’t have any support from the DA’s office. 

“‘Let-em-go Larry is running scared because he knows Protect Our Police PAC will hold him accountable for the blood on his hands,” said Nick Gerace, President of POP PAC. “Philadelphia just had one of its most violent weekends ever and recently broke the record for year-to-date homicides because Krasner has given criminals the keys to the city and has made Philadelphia part of George Soros’ radical social experiment. I founded Protect Our Police PAC to hold politicians like him accountable and that’s what we plan on doing this year in races across the country and next year right here in Philadelphia.”

Protect Our Police PAC recently announced it raised $750k. Currently, candidates running for office in 2020 are being considered for endorsement and announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

Protect Our Police PAC is the only organization exclusively committed to electing pro-police political candidates to public office. Founded by retired police officers, Protect Our Police PAC helps elect candidates that won’t turn their backs on our officers and other first responders on the front line. Learn more at

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