Protect Our Police PAC


PA - State House - 168

Chris Quinn
Representative Chris Quinn was first elected to represent residents of the 168th Legislative District in Delaware County in 2018. A long time small business owner in the county, Quinn previously served as a member of Middletown Township Council. As a Councilman, Quinn worked closely with the local state police to ensure that they had funding and resources — such as computers and radio systems – to augment their capabilities. Quinn has the utmost respect for the men and women who serve in law enforcement and put their lives on the line every day to keep local communities safe. He believes the law enforcement community has been wrongly vilified by leftist politicians for partisan purposes which has led to targeted, violent attacks on police officers. Quinn fully opposes efforts to cut police funding or take away specific tools and equipment they need to do their jobs effectively while keeping the public (and themselves) safe. Quinn believes individuals who serve in law enforcement face incredibly difficult, life-and-death decisions while performing their duties, often with insufficient budgets and equipment. Contrary to efforts to cut funding, Quinn thinks we should be working to identify what additional funding our police need to do their jobs effectively and safely.