Protect Our Police PAC



Protect Our Police PAC is the only national organization exclusively committed to electing Pro-Police political candidates to public office across the United States of America. Founded by retired Police Officers, Protect Our Police PAC helps recruit and elect candidates that will never turn their backs on our Police Officers and other first responders on the front line.

We are building a nationwide coalition of Pro-Police advocates to:

  • Elect pro-Police Leaders. 
  • Stand against anti-Police politicians and anti-Police legislation.
  • Recruit retired Law Enforcement Officers to run for public office. 
  • Raise awareness to defend and protect Police Officers. 
  • Promote positive impact stories of Police in communities. 
  • Educate the public on appropriate Police interactions.

Our mission is to elect pro-Police candidates nationwide for municipal offices such as District Attorney, Prosecuting Attorney, Mayor, City Council, City Controller, County Commissioner, County Supervisor, County Treasurer, Sheriff and state offices such as Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Auditor General, Treasurer, State Representative, State Senator, and Judge. NOTE: POP PAC is currently NOT endorsing or supporting Federal candidates.

We will raise funds to give direct contributions to endorsed candidates as well as make independent expenditures for paid communication programs and media plans. We will also launch awareness and education campaigns with positive impact stories about police in the community to combat the anti-Police agenda, calls to defund and disband Police departments, and toxic rhetoric and headlines that have dominated the news cycle over the last decade.