Protect Our Police PAC


Nick Gerace

Philadelphia Police Department - Retired
12 years of service

Nick Gerace is a proud third-generation Police officer and lifelong Philadelphia native. His father was in a class of 18-year-old recruits in 1960, becoming the youngest cops in Philadelphia’s history. He served 5 years as a uniformed Patrol officer then 26 years as a promoted Detective. His great grandfather was a Patrol officer in Italy for decades in the 1900’s. 

Nick became an officer in 1999 and was assigned to the 24th district in North Philadelphia. He faithfully served in the Philadelphia Police Department for 12 years.  In 2000, He was chosen to work undercover for several months gathering information on protests during the RNC in Philadelphia. His work helped thwart potential terrorist attacks.  He received 11 commendations throughout his career and was made police officer of the year for the 24th District in 2006.  After faithfully serving as a Police Officer for over 12 years, he officially retired in 2011 from an on-duty injury.


Dominic Mangoni

Philadelphia Police Department - Retired
35 years of service

Dominic Mangoni is a first-generation Police Officer and 35 year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department. A man of devout faith, he studied in the seminary for 7 years before he felt his true calling to be a police officer to protect and serve others.

In 1977, he started his career in the 3rd District as a beat cop and eventually joined the gang unit. In 1985, he made Detective and joined the West Detectives division. He then transferred to Homicide where he would finish out his career. He spent 27 years solving homicides until he retired in 2012. He is a well-respected, decorated police officer who dedicated his life to solving homicides and helping victims and their families find closure. He has a son who is a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.



Arthur Chapman Jr.

Philadelphia Police Department - Retired
30 years of service

Arthur Chapman Jr. is a first-generation Police Officer. He was born and raised in Philadelphia and graduate of Abraham Lincoln High School. He joined the Philadelphia Police department in 1986 and was first assigned to the 22nd district. Over the span of his 30-year career, he was assigned to the Police Athletic League, Special Investigation Unit, District Attorney’s office, Accident Investigation District, and the 15th district. He is happily married for 35 years with three adult children.


Efrain Rios

Philadelphia Police Department - Retired
13 years of service

Efrain Rios is a first-generation Police Officer. He has a cousin who is also a Police Officer. Over the span of his career, he served as a city-wide mediator, conflict resolution specialist, gang control/prevention specialist, drug prevention specialist. He has worked very hard to get guns and drugs off the streets. He was assigned to the 24th district and stayed there for his entire career. He was also assigned as a community policing officer under the COPs AHEAD program funded by the National Institute of Justice where he worked with children in their classrooms or assemblies to “bridge the gap” between the community and police. He was also made Police officer of the year in 2000 in the 24th District. After faithfully serving 13 years, he officially retired in 2007 from an on-duty injury.


Cathy Teti

Philadelphia Police Department - Retired
20 years of service

Cathy Teti was sworn in as Patrol Police Officer in the Philadelphia Police Department in 1987. Her grandfather was also a PPD Patrol Police Officer and she has 8 other Police Officers in her immediate family in the Philadelphia Police Department. Over the span of her career, she was assigned to the 26h District, Tactical Response Team, 25th District, and 24th District. After faithfully serving 20 years, she officially retired in 2007 from an on-duty injury.